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Happy Easter Everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in awhile and I will try my best to! I think I’m going to take a little turn on this blog and just focus on the fashion portion of my life on here!

This is what I wore for Easter! I still have a love for black and I don’t think anyone can change that. But I promise I am going a little lighter! A little tho!

I decided to mix it up a bit and pair 2 black and white prints together. It is a little odd but it works in my opinion. The black and white African inspired print really complimented well with a simple black and white polka dotted print. The fringe of the kimono also adds a little kick to the whole vibe too which I really liked!

I’m obsessed with this kimono! I must say that when I bought it, it was on a whim. It’s not a usual purchase for me because it is such a trendy piece, which I tend to stay away from buying, but it is so cute that I didn’t care anymore! I usually buy more pieces that would work through all the seasons, something more timeless, you know what I mean? But I love how the kimono just adds a more relaxed look to this very old and “plumpy” dress. I would’ve totally thrown it out until I decided to pair a kimono with it. Now I love it and will continue on having it in my closet (:

Then my cousin decided to take a picture too. Ahah she’s a dork. But I love her!

African inspired black and white printed Kimono - Pacsun (purchased with employee discount but I think it’s around $40)

Black and White Polka Dot Dress - This was a hand me down from my cousin years and years ago! Lesson of the day, never throw your old clothes away. You never know what might catch your eye again (:

Leather Cut Out Sandals - Pacsun (Also purchased with Employee discount, but I think it is around $35)

Stay passionate.

Ha-Vy Le

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Twitter: @htlstateofmind
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life-as-rheanna said: How would you style a kimono? I've noticed that they've been getting more popular lately and I need some help coming up with outfits. Thanks c:

OMG sorry this is a really late reply! But I bought a kimono recently! It was a really risky purchase for me actually. It’s such a trend piece I wasn’t sure if I should buy it or not, but I did it anyways. OH WELL. I usually don’t buy a lot of “trend” pieces. Hahah, but I would totally wear it with a dress. Loose or fitted, totally up to you and the vibe you want to pull off. I wore it with my faux leather printed suede skirt I made and it was cute. I could also wear it with high waisted shorts and play with different levels. I would wear it with a lot of things except pants unless like maybe skinny jeans (maybe tho) because I think it’d be too much. Play with the different levels kimonos bring so I would suggest wearing something short like dresses, skirts and shorts! Its flattering to the eye in my opinion. Plus it’s almost summer too, so why would you wear pants?! Haha

Anonymous said: ways to style mom jeans?

Love mom jeans b/c I love playing with different silhouettes. Sometimes skinny jeans and leggings is just so basic and repetitive you know. Mom jeans add the baggy, edgy yet lazy look that I like so much. Since they’re already baggy, I would wear a fitted crop top, short or long sleeve, don’t matter. And a nice pair of black heels (not pumps or pumps if you like them, but I’m just not a big fan of the platform heel look) or you could just throw on a pair of chucks, and maybe throw on a flannel either wear it not buttoned up, or tie it around your hip, you now have that laid back, edgy type of look. Wearing heels with mom jeans will play with the contrast of dressy and casual which is always fun. But basically with any mom jeans, I would just make sure I would have a fitted top to contrast the baggy look of the mom jeans, because it’s more stimulating to the eye that way, plus it’s also more flattering. And I would pick shoes based on how I was feeling that day. If I felt a little more laid back, I would out on chucks, but if I felt I want to dress up the look more id put on some heels or ankle boots. I hope this helps!!! Mom jeans is a piece that all girls must have because they are so fun!

Anonymous said: ideas for outfits that go with black nail polish?

Wear anything and everything. It’s black nail polish. Black is everything. I love black and in my opinion works for everything. It can either compliment a really feminine outfit and bring a little edge, or be the finishing touch to your edgy look. Either way black nail polish can be worn with anything and everything in my opinion.


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Anonymous said: I'm going to a wedding as a guest and do you think it'd be weird for me to wear a black dress there?

No. Traditionally it is wrong to wear white or black to a wedding, but that is such an old tradition. NO ONE follows that anymore. I mean it’s still kind of weird to wear white, but black is such a common thing and everyone looks good in black, so it is now okay to wear it to a wedding. Our generation really changed from that idea and it’s not a big deal anymore. Everyone wears black. I wore black to the last wedding I was at and saw multiple other girls wear black as well. So it is fine (:

Anonymous said: What do you think about this whole senior picture trend? Kids are paying $50+ to have a picture taken of themselves which looks nothing like real life, all photoshopped and idealized. Shouldn't we try to keep it real?

I think it’s a fun way to get professional pictures. I’m a senior and I think they’re so cool and it kind of is a way to bring back memories to who we are. Senior pictures are a way to show who we are, and when we look back at them, memories and experiences will come flying back at us and I think it’s worth it. To capture these memories and to also get professional pictures done. They are fun, and I don’t see anything wrong with them. Since I’m all for a creative career, I think it’s such a great way to support local photographers and keep these small businesses going! Small businesses are everything in our economy. So to me, I don’t see anything wrong with senior pictures, and they are for fun! And it’s only up to students if they are willing to pay for them or not. (:

Anonymous said: What are some tips on keeping up your grades and being a good student while doing a sport? Cheer for example, because I heard that you have to put in a lot of hours when practicing.

Honestly, I’m not the best person to go to for this kind of stuff because I’m the biggest procrastinator you might ever meet. Honestly, I think you just need to prioritize and have good time management. Don’t let yourself fall into the Vortex of social networks, stuff like that. It gets so addicting and hard to get out of. If you know your priorities and what you need to do and have that willpower, I think you’ll be set.


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